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Stuff for the Bath Caracol Rejuvenating Bar is a new favorite: rich, creamy lather; soft, lightly moisturized hands; a tinge of sophisticated scent that reminds me of France.

I’m definitely a person who buys products on the basis of ingredients and delivery systems (in case you haven’t noticed ;-)), not so much anything else.  But when a friend recently started teaching me about the benefits of buying local, both economically and ecologically, I began to consider this alternative, particularly for hand soaps, shower gels, this sort of thing.

Starting right down the street from my office at AlphaLab, I came across a really lovely home furnishings store, Stuff Home Furnishings.  From hand-picked furniture to tasteful art, the boutique is packed full of hand-picked sophisticated selections.  Ranging from modern to traditional, I immediately felt right at home (no pun intended), but especially so whenever I saw their Stuff for the Bath Honey Oatmeal Soap and Stuff for the Bath Caracol Rejuvenating Bar.

Stuff Home Furnishings is located at 2004 E. Carson Street, just 4 blocks from my office. Wahoo!
I really adore their furniture and accessories. I have my eye on one piece of artwork in particular…

About Stuff Honey Oatmeal Hand Soap

Stuff Honey Oatmeal hand soap is luxurious – and oatmeal excellent for the skin. It’s also only $6.95 – and better than many high-end hand soaps I’ve tried.

I bought the Honey Oatmeal Hand Soap for the office, and one of my coworkers said:

“The scent of the soap reminded me of a spiced cloved cider.  It took me back to a ski trip where I was sipping spiced cider and enjoying a warm fire after a long day on my snowboard.  Scents are powerful, aren’t they?  Anyways, the soap lathered nicely, washed off well and left my hands moisturized and cleansed.  It’s nice when a simple product like this can break through the monotony of washing your hands and help you relive a great memory.  Thanks for sharing this soap with us!”

(Yes, I work with some pretty smart and articulate people, haha).  But not only is this soap wonderful to use, it’s also beneficial for the skin.  Colloidal oatmeal is one of the few skin care ingredients that is regulated by the U.S. FDA.  It is known for soothing and calming the skin, as studies have shown it improves barrier function, cleanses, soothes, and even contains soothing antioxidant vitamin E (Cosmetic Dermatology supplement, 2008).

Colloidal oatmeal also relieves pain and itching by inhibiting prostaglandin synthesis in a mechanism similar to that of the drug indomethacin (Cosmetic Dermatology supplement, 2008).

Due to its anti-inflammatory and soothing nature, studies published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology suggest using colloidal oatmeal as a first-line treatment to alleviate the symptoms of psoriasis, eczema, and atopic dermatitis.  It is suggested that use of colloidal oatmeal to treat these conditions may allow for reduced need of topical drugs like corticosteroids or calcineurin inhibitors, which have more known potential side effects than colloidal oatmeal.

About Caracol

The Stuff for the Bath Caracol Rejuvenating Bar admittedly has less proven benefits than the Honey Oatmeal variety, but still feels luxurious, smells sophisticated, and makes an amazing gift.

Another variety of hand soap available at Stuff is the Caracol Rejuvenating Bar.  Also just $6.95, this bar smells very sophisticated – a bit like a rich French perfume.  It lathers nicely.

According to the information presented in the store, Caracol is used throughout the world to promote collagen production.  The Caracol Rejuvenating Bar also contains Alatonia, an ingredient designed to rejuvenate problem skin.  While I couldn’t find any peer-reviewed scientific research to substantiate these claims, I do believe that the Caracol Rejuvenating Bar is fine for use on the hands and body, so long as you do not have a problem with fragrance.

Bottom Line

I adore Stuff Home Furnishings and their body soap line!  To order ($6.95 plus shipping each):

Let me know if you like this Shop Local Pittsburgh series!  If yes, I’ll be sure to continue it in the future.  And no, I was not compensated in any way, shape, or form for this review.  As always, you can reach me in Comments or through the FutureDerm Facebook page.


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  • This just in from office mate Alex: “The Honey Oatmeal soap smells manly yet is still refreshing.”

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