Spotlight On: Serpin B3 Inhibitor and the Shiseido Future Solution LX Line

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Every time you turn around, it seems a skin care company is proposing a new technology to improve the look and feel of your skin.  Shiseido’s new Future Solution LX Line ($248.85 discount, is amongst the latest, proposing that its Serpin B3 inhibitor will “intensively energize your skin” and “reduce all signs of aging.”  Hm.  Is this line all it declares itself to be?  FutureDerm investigates…

Skingenecell 1P, a Serpin B3 Inhibitor:  Exciting Stuff

According to the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Dermatology, the skin’s levels of serpin B3 are elevated in patients with dry and damaged skin.  When serpin B3 levels are reduced, the skin restores its moisture levels and prior smoothness.  What’s more is that serpin B3 levels are slightly elevated in cancerous cells and in psoriatic skin cells, encouraging further interest in a serpin B3 inhibitor.

Enter Shiseido’s patented synthetic amino acid, Skingenecell 1P, which has been proven in Shiseido’s in-house studies to significantly reduce the amount of serpin B3 in skin cells.  This, in direct correlation to the in vitro (i.e., petri dish-like) studies, should in fact directly help to restore dry and UV-damaged skin to levels of higher moisture and increased smoothness.

And I’m not the only one excited about serpin B3 inhibitor.  As Ava Shamban, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at UCLA, tells Judith Newman in this month’s Allure: “[Skingenecell 1P] is a very interesting approach…Most companies are adding proteins or lipids that our bodies produce already, to supplement our natural moisture content.  This is a new compound Shiseido has generated that fights a damaging substance in our body so that it addresses the decrease in moisture from the inside out.  It’s able to restore normal moisture levels.”

Things to Consider

One thing to keep in mind when considering the Future Solution LX Line is the current state of your skin.  If you have dry to very dry skin, visible UV damage, live in a warm climate, and are 40 or older (all parameters associated with increased serpin B3 levels), then the Future Solution LX Line is most likely to benefit you.  However, if you simply have dry skin and no visible UV damage, you may benefit similarly from a more basic moisturizer.

If you decide to purchase only one product from this line to start, make it the Shiseido Future Solution Total Regenerating Cream, as prior experience with Shiseido has taught me that this company tends to put the highest concentration of active ingredients in their night moisturizers.

The truth is that I’m thrilled with the technology behind the new Future Solution LX Line , and I’m proud to be able to present this type of exciting advancement to my readers!  Let me know your thoughts in Comments below!  🙂

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  • Caryn

    How does this treatment compare with DIOR SNOW DNA? I agree the night treatments on most lines has the strongest active product.
    I love this website for all the truth in skincare treatments.


    I am a Shiseido counter manager in Chicago. I have clients that are seeing remarkable results. I have a client 40 who is Chinese she started with Future Sol LX and used it up and her friend told her to try Chanels top products which she did. She changed nothing in her lifestyle. All of a sudden she got brown spots on her face and came to see me. I asked her life style etc health on so on. Come to find out the sun just from normal going outside caused her these spots. You see when she was using the Future LX she was protected from skin damage because of the skingenecell1P supressing the serpen b3 as it is a natural sun block if you will. I have studied these products and all of the ingredients and can tell you there is nothing like it on the market anywhere. My cleints look younger by the week from these products I cant even keep them in stock.

  • cloe

    I am using this for 1 month now but it seems no improvement on my skin. I will continue for a few weeeks more to see if it will really works coz if not, i will waste huge amount of money for buying the complete line of future solution lx

  • Just the fact that there is jar packaging involved is a HUGE red flag for these products. None of the active ingredients that they claim to include in the products would remain stable after opening!

  • Jen

    Loved your blog. Readers might also be interested in another article I found, about beauty and dry eyes. It can be found here at this website:

  • I totally agree with Karlo.

    Believed it will benefit many others if you could provide us with the products you gave your Prof. for testing so that we will know what these actually are.

    As a reputable and historically rich company like Shiseido, they may too sometimes as with many other big wigs companies out there, do have some mistakes with their range launched but even so, may not necessary be applicable to each and every product of theirs.

  • Karlo

    To Ruben
    Could you be so kind and informed us about other products you gave to your professor which had low amount of active ingredients?

  • Ruben

    I once gave my professor some products including Shiseido’s to reseach them with the Infrared lights and she said that Shiseido products ar worth nothing when it comes to amounts of active ingredients, concentration was utterly low. shame if you consider the price

  • Kathleen

    This cream is luxurious; feels great when applying and left me well-moisturized in the morning (and I live in the desert), However, I developed millia while using and would not consider using FS again.

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