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Readers, as someone who hasn’t always felt beautiful, I think self-esteem is an important part of beauty. And I’m not sure we talk about it enough. It’s that special something that makes you hold your head high and smile even though you know you aren’t perfect. That’s why we want to devote some of our content to talking, not just about self-esteem in general, but about your self-esteem from March 4-8.

Whether it’s a story, a paragraph, or just a line, tell us a story or a philosophy on self-esteem. Feel free to get creative! The rules about what submissions have to be are pretty vague so that you can decide what “self-esteem” means and how you want to talk about it. We’ve already received some wonderful entries. We’ll post a part of every entry we receive. And to add a little something extra, we’ll send the prizes shown above to the top five submission. To enter, email by March 2 (extended deadline) at 11:59 p.m. with the subject “Self-Esteem Week.”

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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  • Natalie Bell

    Hi Rozy! I totally understand and I didn’t take your comment personally. You’re entitled to dislike something I post and be vocal about it. In fact, that can help us figure out what readers like and don’t like. And I’m glad you’re a fan of self-esteem week — thank you. I am too!

  • This is a very cool thing you are doing can’t wait to hear people’s stories!

  • Sorry I dissed your article on the oscars earlier I didnt think it was bad writing I am just anti-1%, anticapitalism so I’m not really excited for the oscars and have to hear about it everywhere but I’m lots of readers loved it.

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