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Sometimes I’m a little reluctant to incorporate new technologies into my daily life:  I still have a written planner, subscribe to paper-based magazines, and do most of my shopping in brick-and-mortar stores.  Yet there are some ways in which I’ve gradually become dependent on the internet, such as reading blogs (:-)) and catching up with the best new sites and apps:

Best New (remodeled) Interactive Skin Care Site:

Take two Harvard Business School graduates, a plastic surgeon, a biophysicist, and over 135,000 products, and what do you get?  Answer: an amazing interactive site!  MySkin allows you to search 100 different stores for price comparisons and a built-in custom recommendation engine, considering environmental factors, genetics, ingredients, and others’ reviews of products to generate the best results for you.  As the site grows, the feedback does too, so I anticipate this one will get better and better with time!

For the interview with Rahul Mehendale, CEO of MySkin, click here.

Best New iPhone/iPad Beauty Shopping App:  Sephora

Whether you’re a dermatologist, beauty editor, blogger, or just a beauty product junkie, you absolutely need the Sephora iPhone/iPad app.   Not only does this nifty little app allow you to shop the complete array of merchandise at, it also lets you view past purchases, watch videos featuring expert tutorials and product information, read reviews from over 1 million Sephora shoppers, and view the latest merchandise, including a daily editor’s pick.  Incredible!

25 Amazing Twitter Users to Follow for Beauty (in Random Order)

@futurederm  🙂
– Ask questions, give feedback about a shopping experience, learn more about your favorite brand’s new launches.
@askbobbybrown – The Queen of the All-American “No-Makeup Makeup” Look answers questions on Twitter now too!
@makeupgeek – Awesome make-up how-to-tutorials, tips, and tricks.
@alllacqueredup –  Michelle tells us everything we need to know about nail polish.  Amazing blog!
 @15minbeauty – Fellow physician Christine gives us daily insights into making our routine faster.
 @temptalia Very dedicated and inspiring blogger gives amazingly polished cosmetics updates and reviews 5x per day!
 @beauty411– Nancy is not only a really nice person (we’ve blogged together before), she’s also one fun, active person to follow on Twitter!
 @karenmbb– The editor of the famous Makeup and Beauty Blog communicates with followers on Twitter, too!  So nice!
@outinapout– Professional makeup artist, beauty blogger, and mother inspires me every time.
@bellasugarPart of the very popular Sugar network, yet refreshingly down-to-earth.  Love it.
@musingsofamuse – Sweet girl with very thorough reviews featuring photos (win!)
@themakeupgirl – Lianne has excellent insights, a fun personality, and even occasional book reviews!
@nadinejolie The author of Beauty Confidential and bona fide It girl proves she’s got it on her Twitter account!
@glambr – Amber Katz of Beauty Blogging Junkie shares her thoughts.
@dgskincare – This account is chocked full of fun giveaways, skin clarifying tips, and chances to interact with Dr. G’s web team.
@kraseybeauty – Adina, a blogger for Women’s Health, is awesome, and her Twitter presence is no exception.
@glamourdotcom – Just like the magazine, it’s glamorous yet practical, glossy yet down-to-earth.
@ivillage – For everything it means to be a woman (and could possibly interest one), there’s iVillage.
@dailyglow –  A fun community of women who love topics related to beauty and health.   @realself – Great, well-informed, easy-to-understand advice from someone nice!
@sunaware – All the latest in UV protection news.  Has inspired a story or two!
@ellemagazine – There’s a reason they win all the derm magazine awards.  Informative, investigative writing that never fails to impress – or inform.  Amazing.
@voguemagazine – Never fails to inspire me – fashion-wise, beauty-wise, or otherwise!

What are your favorite beauty sites, apps, and Twitter accounts? 

Let us know your favorites and why in Comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter.  All of your recommendations will be in included in a September post!  🙂  

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  • How thrilled am I to have made your list?! I’m honored to be in such good company, including yourself, Ms. Nicki! Futurederm is a frequent reference site for me & I reccomend it to friends often! Thanks again for the mention, I do <3 my tweeples!

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