This Just In: Phosphatidylserine as an Anti-Ager?

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Phosphatidylserine is a fat-soluble and water-soluble fatty acid that is normally found in highest concentrations in the brain, and which is also consumed in foods like fish.  Interestingly enough, new research presented in The Journal of Lipid Research suggests that topical application of phosphatidylserine can prevent UV-induced degradation of collagen and UV-induced increases in matrix metalloproteinases (enzymes that degrade collagen). 

In the study, 12 volunteers were divided into two groups of 6 subjects (6 older, with average age 70, and 6 younger, with average age 24).  After two weeks of 3x weekly application of a cream containing 2%phosphatidylserine or other substances, it was found that only the cream containing phosphatidylserine prevented collagen breakdown.  This is spectacular news indeed, potentially putting phosphatidylserine in the same league as retinoids, matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors, and sunscreen — all of which prevent the loss of collagen following UV exposure.

Unfortunately, there are two caveats with phosphatidylserine at this point.  One, this is the only study of phosphatidylserine’s anti-aging effects at this point.  Further, this study was not placebo-controlled, of a large sample size, double-blind, multi-center, or randomized.  Only after numerous studies replicating these results are conducted and evaluated in an independent controlled review can PS be called the new anti-aging ingredient.  Two, phosphatidylserine is actually not available in a cream on the market as this point!  As Dr. Soyun Cho, head of the study and assistant professor of dermatology at Seoul National University Boramae Hospital tells Allure magazine, “No creams with [PS] are available yet…For now, [I] recommend retinoic acid and sunscreen.”

Stay tuned – I’ll let you know when more PS updates arrive!  🙂

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  • suzanne stoeckle

    I am interested i your article abov. There is a cream or creams on the market but not for cosmetic use..are youn aware of them???they are for menopausal symtoms primarily.
    do you know the dosage that would be needed ion a cream to be effective ???

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