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Since I’ve been blogging for nearly eight years now (hard to believe!), I’ve been honored to meet some really great fellow beauty and fashion bloggers.

Recently, I got in touch with some of my all-time favorites, and I asked them to send me some info that they’d be interested in sharing with FutureDerm readers about themselves and their blogs. Here are the top beauty blogs of 2015, as they responded (in alphabetical order, excluding articles like “A” and “The”):

All Things Beautiful XO – Makeup, style, & glitter.
Specialty – beauty, style, makeup tutorials, reviews, nail art, & skincare.
Name- Stephanie Louise Telford What we’re known for – Thorough reviews, tutorials, & demos with a dose of glitz.

Specialty: makeup and skincare reviews, hair care, and nail swatches.
Name of blogger: Stephanie Pedroza
What we’re known for: in-depth and honest reviews and nail polish swatches.

Beauty411 | Inspire. Inform. Indulge
Specialty: Skin care, beauty, makeup, fashion, healthy lifestyle
Name of blogger: Nancy Houlmont
What we’re known for: Coverage of prestige beauty; anti-aging skincare

Beauty by Miss L | Beauty & everything else by Leelo
Speciality: beauty, nails, makeup, skincare, fashion, outfits, lifestyle
Name of blogger: Leelo Rohtmets
What we´re known for: Beauty product reviews and swatches; makeup looks and nail art.

Beauty on the Bayou | Keeping You Pretty for $10 to $100
Specialty: Reviews and tips on makeup, skin care, lip gloss, eye shadow, mascara, hair and other beauty products.
Name of Blogger: Erica Katsanis
What we’re known for: Product reviews, comparisons and tips for everyday products to enhance your beauty regimen

BeautyTidbits | Musings on fabulous beauty finds & tips!
Specialty: Skincare, Makeup, Beauty tips & Lifestyle
Name of blogger: Harshleen Kaur Chhabra
What we’re known for: Detailed skincare & makeup reviews and Beauty tips

Beyond Beauty Lounge | Be Kind, Be You , Be Beautiful
Specialty : Beauty, Skincare , Nails & Lifestyle
Name of blogger : Mercedes Epps
What we’re known for : Honest in depth beauty reviews with a special love for skin care, nail & makeup swatches on a woman of color and the occasional lifestyle post.

Beauty by Arielle

Beauty by Arielle
Specialty: green, clean, low chemical and organic makeup and beauty product reviews and tutorials
Name of blogger: Arielle Thibodeaux
What we’re known for: Your source for clean beauty.

Blushing Noir | The Enabler Your Mother Warned You About
Specialty – Beauty, Lifestyle
What we’re known for – Enabling! Mostly high-end beauty but who doesn’t love a good drugstore product now and then?

ColorSutraa | Never be afraid of a little COLOR!
Specialty: Mainstream and Indie Nail Polish, Beauty, Skin Care, Hair Care, Occasional Nail Art
What we’re known for  Detailed, honest reviews. The latest and best of the indie world. Beauty for women of color and darker complexions.

Confessions of a Sarcastic Mom | Cosmetics and nail polish – and the life of a mom just trying to keep it together.
Specialty: Nail polish and cosmetics
Name of blogger: Destany Pingle
What we’re known for: Beauty reviews with a sarcastic twist


Cosmetic Sanctuary | Cosmetic Product Reviews & Swatches
Specialty: Nails, Skin Care, Makeup, Beauty & Lifestyle
Name of blogger: Lisa Marie Heath

Crazy Beautiful Makeup – Makeup Artist and Beauty Blogger
Specialty: Beauty,Reviews, Lifestyle
Name of Blogger: Heather
What we are known for: Beauty Product Reviews from High End to Drug Store, with a few beauty tips and tricks along the way.

The Dalai Lama’s Nails | Nail art for the soul
Specialty: nail art, reviews, and tips
Name of blogger: Hannah Pearlman
What we’re known for: wearable and inventive freehand nail art

Daly Beauty / Beauty Guru & Perfume Whisperer
Specialty: real talk about beauty, skincare, nails, perfume (vintage and otherwise)


TheFabZilla – Beauty and Lifestyle Blog
Name of blogger: Penned and owned by Kathryne W
What we’re known for: In-depth makeup and skincare reviews with a dose of fashion/fitness/vegetarian topics

Specialty: makeup product reviews, makeup looks, skincare reviews, some beauty tutorials
Name of blogger: Eugenia Lung
What we’re known for: Playful looks with colorful makeup and short and simple beauty product reviews.

A Girl’s Gotta Spa! l You Deserve to Be Pampered
Specialty: Spa, skin and hair care, beauty, makeup, bath and body, DIY, wellness
Name of blogger: Shannon Smyth (my contributing editors are Gail Lewis, Mandy Lewis and Amanda C.)
What we’re known for: Spa reviews, DIY spa tips, beauty reviews, our namesake product line


Glamorable | Beauty Diary of a Modern Snow White
Specialty: Skin care, nails, makeup, beauty, lifestyle, subscription boxes
Name of blogger: Anastasia Smith
What we’re known for: passion for subscription boxes and sun-less lifestyle. SPF rules!

Honeygirl’s World – Because Sparkle Is Never Optional!
Specialty: Beauty & Lifestyle
Name of Blogger: Honey Kahoohanohano
What we’re known for: Product Reviews, Makeup Looks, Food & Lifestyle for women in their 30s

Inspirations & Celebrations | The Lifestyle Guide To Being Fabulous
Specialty: Beauty, Skincare, Makeup, Hair, Fashion, Health, Diet, etc.
Name of blogger: Christina-Lauren Pollack
Known for: Information, tips, trends, and advice about a range of lifestyle topics that interest women.

Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog | A Worthy Obsession with Quality Skincare & Makeup.
Specialty: Skincare and Makeup.
Name of Blogger: Helen (AKA Lola Seicento) .
Known for: High quality thorough reviews and lovely photography.

Love for Lacquer

Love For Lacquer / Glamour Is A State Of Mind
Specialty : Beauty, Nails, Skincare & Lifestyle
Name of blogger : Jess Scull
What we’re known for : Honest reviews ranging from beauty, nails & the occasional lifestyle post

The Makeup Blogger – Your Online Beauty Source!
Specialty: makeup reviews, celebrity makeup looks.
Name of Blogger: Christina Farrell
What we are known for: Humorous honest take on makeup looks from a professional makeup artist.

Moxie Reviews | A Blog To Help You and Your Animal Friends
Specialty: cruelty free beauty, makeup, nail polish, skin care
Name of blogger: Moxie
What we’re known for: Cruelty free product reviews

My Beauty Bunny | Cruelty Free Beauty and Fashion
Speciality: Cruelty free skincare, beauty, makeup, fashion, accessories, health products
Name of Blogger: Jen Mathews
What we’re known for: reviews and information on products that have not been tested on animals

My Beauty Junction | A former tomboy’s makeup adventures.
Specialty: Beauty, Makeup, Skincare, Beauty boxes, Korean cosmetics.
What we’re known for: Honest makeup and skincare reviews, beauty box unboxings, Korean skincare.

Never Say Die Beauty / Beauty Tips for Women Over 40
Specialty: Beauty, Lifestyle
Name of blogger: Allison Cohen
What We’re Known For: Thorough, honest product reviews and tips & ideas women over 40

New Love- Makeup| Beauty| Fashion| Lifestyle
Specialty: Skin care, beauty, makeup, fashion, food, lifestyle
Name of blogger: Bhumika Thakkar
What we’re known for: Reviews and Perfect Swatches, New Launches, Latest Trends, Outfit Posts, Makeovers, Events, etc


Notes from My Dressing Table – Exquisite Expositions on Lovely Things
Specialty: Nail Polish, Makeup, Skin Care, Hair Care, Bath and Body and a little Empty Nest Lifestyle, as well.
What we’re known for: Hyperbole and alteration. Fair, detailed and honest reviews and how to’s for beauties of all ages.
Blog Link:

Painted Ladies – Education, Inspiration, and Empowerment
Specialty: beauty, makeup inspiration, makeup reviews, makeup tutorials
Name of blogger: Sheila Arkee
What we’re known for: Detailed eyeshadow inspiration posts and step-by-step tutorials.

Pammy Blogs Beauty
Specialty: Product Reviews for Skincare, Makeup, Bath & Body Products, Fragrance, Hair, and Nails.
Name of blogger: Pam Schmitt
What we’re known for: Detailed and upbeat beauty product reviews

Pointless Cafe | Nail Polish, Pets and Pointless Ponderings
Specialty: Nail Polish Swatches and Nail Art
Name of blogger: Sheila Gage
What I’m known for: In-depth swatches and reviews of nail polish with macros and multiple lighting sources

PolishGalore | Your library of nail polish swatches with sprinkles of nail art & nail care!
Specialty: Nail Polish
Name of blogger: Krystal Emery
What we’re known for: Name brand and indie polish swatches.

The Polished Mommy | A blog about my love of shimmer, glitter and all things shiny.
Specialty: Beauty- Nails and Makeup
Name of blogger: Francine Brandow
What we’re known for: Nail polish reviews, tutorials, and nail art. As well as my own line of nail polish called, B Polished (launching soon)

Pure Natural Diva
Eco Savvy Lifestyle & Beauty
Specialty: Green, healthy living & detoxing beauty
Name of Blogger: Tania Reuben
Known for evolving the blog from a lifestyle site to include an organic beauty brand that she produces in her kitchen.

Raging Rouge
Specialty: Beauty reviews
Name of blogger: Jennifer Sesta
What we’re known for: the smartest angles to get the best AND most makeup for your money!

Slashed Beauty

Slashed Beauty | A Budget Beauty Blog for a Realistic Girl
Specialty: Budget Beauty & Lifestyle
Name of blogger: Miranda Mendoza
What we’re known for: Highlighting beauty products and routines that won’t break the bank!

Spontaneous Chick
Specialty: skin care, beauty products reviews and health tips
Name of Blogger: Aleya Bamdad
What I’m known for: Skin care how-tos, honest reviews, and food related to beauty

Taneja’s Bride | Something New, Something Blue. Discover Beauty & Trends Worldwide
Specialty: Beauty, Cosmetics, Nail Polish
Name of blogger: Shipra Taneja
What we’re known for: Lip and Nail Swatches, Product reviews

XO, Noelle | Beauty is about being the best possible version of yourself, inside and out.
Specialty: Beauty
Name of blogger: Noelle Pereira
What we’re known for: Honest reviews on beauty, hair and nail products, makeup and nail tutorials.

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