Two New Products You Should Try: Brazil Nut Oil and Premier Sea Salt Scrub

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Sea salt scrub and Brazil nut oil leave my skin and hair beautiful and soft. (Photo Credit: Mikal.Danielle)

I have found two new products that I am in love with: Brazil Nut Oil and Premier Sea Salt Scrub.

Brazil Nut Oil

brazil-nut-oilI use Brazil nut oil to bring shine and moisture to my dry, heat-damaged hair. The oil contains vitamins A and E, linoleic and oleic fatty acids, and selenium (a mineral, and “Powerful antioxidant”)  to help bring life and nutrients back to dulling hair. Marie Claire magazine boasts, “Brazil nut oil acts as a scalp moisturizer and renews dry, lifeless hair by replenishing malleability and softness, leaving hair smooth and hydrated.”

I can attest to Brazil nut oil’s amazing hair healing abilities. I massaged the oil into my scalp before I showered. (Take your time massaging the oil into your scalp — scalp massage is thought to have therapeutic qualities.)  I then rinsed out my hair like I normally would. After I washed the oil out of my hair, I noticed my hair was incredibly soft, and much less frizzy than normal. The real test was how my hair would look the next day after sleeping on it. This oil definitely passed the test. My hair had a beautiful sheen to it and was much more manageable than usual.

This oil is definitely on my must have list. If you don’t want to use straight oil, you can find hair products that include this ingredient, such as The Body Shop Brazil Nut Define & No-Frizz ($11.95,

Sea Salt Scrub

premier-sea-salt-scrubPremier Sea Salt Scrub is great to buff away the dead skin on my face and body. This scrub contains salt from the Dead Sea as well as beneficial skin oils, such as jojoba. People often have an unflattering idea of salt because of its dietary taboo, but sea salt actually has many skin benefits thanks to its many minerals, including potassium, magnesium, and bromide. Using salt on the skin helps with “…reducing inflammation…healing skin tissue and replenishing hydration, while bromide helps relax the muscles and calm the nerves. Sulfur and sodium work as natural disinfectants and detoxifying agents. Potassium helps in balancing moisture and releasing water retention. Calcium found in sea salt cleans the pores of the skin” [Read More].

Additionally, the minerals found in sea salt “stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation. Increased circulation moves trapped fluid from joints, improving joint movement and reducing stiffness and pain.

Regular use of salts promotes healthy skin by exfoliating and encouraging regeneration of new skin cells. “[Read More] Whenever my skin is feeling decongested and dry or looking a little dull, I wash my face with this scrub for a healthy dose of exfoliation. I gently massage the salt onto my face in a circular motion and then add water, which dissolves the salt and leaves behind the healing oils to soften your skin. My face is left soft, smooth, and just plain ole clean after using Premier Sea Salt Scrub ($19.34,

Bottom Line

These two products help my hair and skin looking healthy and smooth—can’t beat that!


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