What Beauty Products Does Naomi Campbell Use? Do They Work?

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Naomi Campbell is one of the most famous supermodels of all time. Photo by Jesse Gross. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Naomi Campbell is one of the most beautiful women on the planet, and at 42, she’s never looked better.  This month, NewBeauty reveals her favorite products, while FutureDerm analyzes her choices:

Susan Ciminelli Algae Fine Powder, Algae Deep Cleanse, and Marine Lotion

Susan Ciminelli, a celebrity aesthetician, uses algae in her products.

Algae is arguably one of those superfoods that we have yet to understand the full effects of, whether ingested or applied topically.  Celebrity aesthetician Susan Ciminelli says Naomi swears by her products, and Ciminelli further calls algae “Earth’s most nourishing clock-stopper” on her website.

What Science Says:  Science is currently limited on the full effects of algae.  On the one hand, isolated polyphenols from brown algae have been shown to boost UV protection (International Journal of Cancer, 2009).  Considering the fact that 80-90% of the visible signs of aging are attributable to UV damage, that’s no small feat.  And a French study suggests red algae has similar UV protection-boosting effects, as well as in stimulating collagen synthesis and acting as a potent antioxidant.

Algae has a low irritant potential for the skin, according to some studies, such as this 2004 study from the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health.  Still, other studies suggest that algae can be a significant irritant (Journal of Allergy, 1966).

Considering the low cost-to-benefit ratio, I give Susan Ciminelli products a thumbs-up, with a note of caution to patch test first for those with sensitive skin.  I also must tell those pregnant or nursing women to avoid any products with rosemary.  This is because rosemary oil currently has not been declared entirely safe for use by the American Pregnancy Association, as there is mixed evidence in relation to possible stimulation (i.e., increase in heart rate, etc.) of the fetus.

Tom Ford Highlighting Pen in Liquid Bronze ($52.00, NeimanMarcus.com)

Tom Ford Highlighting Pen in Illuminating Bronze is dotted on the inner corners of Naomi’s eyes. The result? More light reflection in the eye area – a sign of youth.

According to Naomi’s makeup artist, Benjamin Puckey, “A dot of Tom Ford Highlighting Pen in Liquid Bronze on the inner corners of the eyes and cream highlighter on her cheeks, nose, and cupid’s bow gives a glowing look.”

What Science Says:  Yes, this is true.  According to plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Schuldt, M.D., “Our perception of beauty is increased by our perceptions of youth and femininity.  As we get older, our eyes tend to reflect less light.  By opening up the eyes, we give the perception of youth.”  Using any lighter concealer on the inner corners of the eyes enables light to be reflected, resulting in a brighter, more youthful appearance.

Mario Badescu European Facials ($65 and up, MarioBadescu.com)

English: Naomi Campbell at the Cannes film fes...
You have to admit, Naomi Campbell has gorgeous, perfect skin. Here she is at the Cannes film festival (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The supermodel treats her skin to the deep-pore cleansing service on a regular basis to get rid of impurities and target specific problems.

What Science Says:   On the one hand, a 2009 study out of Kyushu University (Facial Massage Study) found that a 45-minute facial massage reduced anxiety and negative mood status, and increased sympathetic nervous activity.   In another series of studies, the Touch Research Institute (TRI) showed decreased cortisol levels following “hands-on” treatment like massage, and decreased cortisol means decreased oxidation of skin cells.

On the other hand, though, the vast majority of dermatologists agree they are not necessary.  According to Dr. Ellen Marmur, M.D., “I hate to be the bearer of shocking news, but deep cleaning is a myth and facials are completely unnecessary – although they are wonderfully luxurious…” (Simple Skin Beauty, 2009).  In general, for the price you pay for an upscale facial with benefits that last weeks, you could receive a treatment like a chemical peel or Botox that last for months.

Still, if you are stressed and need to unwind, a facial can be wonderful.  Be sure to select an experienced, licensed aesthetician.  Tell your facialist if you have applied any creams such as alpha hydroxy acids or retinoids, as these make the skin more sensitive.  Also mention any skin ailments, such as rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, or the like.

Bottom Line

Naomi Campbell is beautiful by nature, but her array of products could help.  We recommend including a broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen into her daytime regimen, and retinoids and peptides for nighttime to help maintain skin firmness as she ages.  Conservative use of fillers and Botox, as well as selective use of chemical peels or microdermabrasion, can also serve as longer-lasting cosmetic treatments shown to have collagen-stimulating benefits.

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