What Do I Use for CoffeeBerry Now that RevaléSkin Has Been Discontinued?

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Dear Nicki,
I heard recently that RevaleSkin was being discontinued.  What do I use now?

Dear PPD,

It’s sad but true; Stiefel Laboratories has made the decision to discontinue RevaléSkin products, as stated in an official announcement in 2012. Known for reporting the “highest concentration of CoffeeBerry available on the market,” RevaléSkin is no longer being manufactured, and retailers will not be able to replenish it once it is gone.

Why CoffeeBerry?

RevaleSkin has officially discontinued its line of CoffeeBerry products.
As of 2012, RevaléSkin has officially been discontinued.

Derived from the coffee cherry of the Coffea arabica plant when it is still green and “sub-ripe,” CoffeeBerry has highest antioxidant potential of any ingredient measured to date, based on its Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity Score (ORAC) — a method developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as the standard to measure the antioxidant capacity of natural substances.

In plain terms, this means CoffeeBerry is a better antioxidant than green tea, white tea, vitamin C, vitamin E, grape seed extract or idebenone. In fact, CoffeeBerry Extract has ten times the antioxidant power of green tea (Cosmetic Dermatology, 2007).

Why is CoffeeBerry such a potent antioxidant?  CoffeeBerry contains an extremely high concentration of compounds called polyphenols, particularly chlorogenic acid, which serve as potent antioxidants. CoffeeBerry may be so effective because of its mechanism of action in the cell. Unlike other antioxidants, CoffeeBerry combats free radicals throughout the entire skin cell, unlike many other antioxidants, which are limited to specific areas of the cell.

English: The appearance of green tea at three ...
Yes folks, it’s true: CoffeeBerry has been shown to have 10x the antioxidant potential of green tea. Keep in mind, however, the comparison was not between CoffeeBerry and the concentrated part of green tea (the polyphenols), as found in the Topix Replenix line. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Furthermore, CoffeeBerry contains exfoliating polyhydroxy acids, which help the user see almost immediate improvement. According to clinical trials by the company, the texture and tone of the skin treated with CoffeeBerry extract showed 46% improvement in fine lines and wrinkles, 64% in overall skin smoothness, and 79% in skin hydration.

However, no studies to date have compared the effect of CoffeeBerry alone to combinations of other antioxidants, which may act synergistically to sustain their levels in the skin.

Other Products with CoffeeBerry

Priori has also bought the patented rights to CoffeeBerry in skin care, resulting in their Priori Day Cream ($72.76, amazon.com); Priori CoffeeBerry Night Complex ($73.79, amazon.com); and Priori CoffeeBerry Tightening Serum ($59.00, amazon.com).  The Priori CoffeeBerry line has the advantage that it is natural and organic, unlike RevaléSkin. It also has a lower price point than the RevaléSkin line.

The Priori line also contains CoffeeBerry, though concentrations are not listed.
The Priori line also contains CoffeeBerry, though concentrations are not listed.

Unfortunately, the Priori line does not list the concentration of CoffeeBerry in its products like RevaléSkin. Considering RevaléSkin regularly touted having the most concentrated CoffeeBerry on the market, I have a feeling Priori doesn’t list their concentrations because they fall well short. At any rate, limited quantities of RevaléSkin products are available online. Some have already begun a steep discount – on Amazon.com, for example, the once $40 cleanser is now just $14.

Are there alternatives to CoffeeBerry?

CoffeeBerry’s antioxidant capacity has already been compared to green tea, white tea, vitamin C, vitamin E, grape seed extract or idebenone – and bested them all. That’s the sad news.

The happy part, however, is that it is very well possible (and highly likely) that combinations of antioxidants may be more potent than CoffeeBerry used alone. For example, there are antioxidants called “network antioxidants,” which enhance the power of one another when used together. They do this by sharing electrons between them.

How exactly do network antioxidants work? Let’s use an example.  Say you are wearing a cream with vitamin E and walk past a dirty truck that is heavy on the emissions, resulting in free radicals everywhere. (Ew.)  The vitamin E in your cream can come in and “disarm” the free radicals by giving up its own electrons. However, vitamin E is now void of electrons.  That’s where using another “network antioxidant” can help, as they can donate electrons back to vitamin E, returning vitamin E back to its antioxidant state.

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So, what are network antioxidants?  According to Dr. Leslie Baumann, there are two major sets:

  1. Vitamin C or CoQ10 can recycle vitamin E, donating electrons to vitamin E to return the nutrient to its antioxidant state.
  2. Vitamin C and lipoic acid can recycle vitamin C and glutathione, donating electrons to vitamin C and glutathione to return the nutrients to their antioxidant states. And no, that is not a typo – vitamin C and lipoic acid can restore vitamin C!

Bottom Line

Yes, it is definitely a loss to the skin care community that RevaléSkin is gone.  However, you have three options to pick up the pieces and move on with your life:

  1. Replace with Priori products with a lower concentration of CoffeeBerry
  2. Stockpile as much RevaléSkin as you can, keeping in mind shelf life is likely less than 2 years
  3. Start using products with network antioxidants, which strengthen the power of one another. While it is true it is not proven that either of these networks are stronger than CoffeeBerry on its own, I suspect this may be true. These networks include a.) Vitamin C or CoQ10 “recycling” vitamin E; and b.) Vitamin C and lipoic acid “recycling” vitamin C and glutathione.

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  • Angela

    RevaleSkin and Priori are now owned by the same company. Priori has 5% Coffeeberry. I emailed customer service and asked. Also, Revaleskin has a new Day cream with SPF 25 coming out April 2013. Here is their info: PRIORI® SKINCARE | REVALÉSKIN®
    O 804.592.2756 • F 804.743.9820
    7489 Whitepine Road • Richmond, VA 23237-2268

  • mich

    i spoke with customer service at new company and they said that the intense recovery treatment has a two year shelf life from the DAY YOU OPEN IT. the only reasont he day cream has a listed expiration date is because it contains a sunscreen. hope this helps!

  • bonni

    when will i be able to purchase revaleskin night cream thru US Cosmeceu techs

  • Toni

    Windy is correct! Here’s what it says on the Revaleskin website!

    US CosmeceuTechs, LLC recently acquired Revaléskin® and is looking forward to servicing all your Revaléskin® needs.
    US CosmeceuTechs, LLC is the original developer of the CoffeeBerry® skincare technology and clinical science, as well as the distributor of PRIORI® Skincare in over 30 countries worldwide. We are pleased to add physician-dispensed Revaléskin® to our technologically advanced line of professional skincare products.
    If you would like to locate a Revaléskin® partner, or if you would like to order products for your physician’s office, please contact 1-877-300-4774 (option “3”) for our Revaléskin® Customer Service, or email us at orders@revaleskin.com. General inquiries regarding Revaléskin® products may be sent to inquiries@revaleskin.com.

  • Windy

    I just went to my dermatologist and purchased the Revale Skin night cream. I was told they were bought by another company and nothing would be changed except maybe the packaging. It will keep the same name.

  • Trae

    I was so bummed-out when I found out that RevaléSkin was being discontinued ! The Intensive Recovery Treatment was, by far, one of my favorite products, though I found I could only use it at night as my final product layer, as it had a tendency to pill-up when I tried to use it during the day under sunscreen. Nonetheless, it really helped to calm my skin, plus it smelled good LOL.

    I got a bottle of PRIORI’s CoffeeBerry Day Complex and am preparing to try that out — ideally, I’d like to use it in the AM with my other antioxidant products (ascorbic acid, green tea/caffeine/resveratrol, idebenone), so hopefully it doesn’t pill-up. I tested a bit out on my hand, and the texture seemed to resemble a lightweight moisturizer (plus it smelled like vanilla icing ^_^ ).

    From what I could gather at PRIORI’s site, their most-concentrated coffeeberry products (though, I’m not sure which of their products specifically are the most-concentrated) have the the ingredient loaded at 0.5 %, which, while less than that of RevaléSkin’s most-concentrated product offerings, is still better that no coffeeberry at all, as I see it, plus it always excites me when I get to try a new product, so I’ll see how it does in my morning regimen ^^,

  • Josephine

    Smells faintly of coffee/mocha and it’s the same very ight creamy coffee color. I’ll give it whirl, but can’t really buy more of the Intense 1.5% when the box say 2009. Although I think the Illuminating with the 2011 boxes is a sure bet!

  • @Josephine – Wow, that’s a tough one. My rule of thumb is generally 3 years for moisturizers (and 1 month after they’ve been opened). That said, it’s iffy about the 2009 product. I’d personally buy it, try it, check its color, and also ensure there was no odor before trying it.

    Hope this helps,

  • Josephine

    Hi Nicki, the Intense Recovery Complex, has no expiration date but there is a date on the back of the box. So, if the date on the back of the box says 2009 Stiefel Labs, does that mean it was manufactured in 2009, thus the 2 year product shelf life is pretty much up? Stocking up then would be a waste of $ for me. Just not sure about that date! Their firming serum box says 2011 Stiefel Labs, for example.

  • Debbie

    SkinActives sells coffeeberry so you can add it to your favorite cream.

  • @Sofi – Thank you for providing this information! If you’re interested in working with us in the future, please contact me at Nicki[at]futurederm[dot]com. Either way, thanks Sofi!

  • Please go to our website http://www.prioriskincare.com/cb/coffeeberry.html to read more about CoffeeBerry® products and Treatments. In addition to the ALL NATURAL skincare products we also offer an Industry FIRST, Clinically proven, Anti-Aging Skincare Perfecting Minerals that includes CoffeeBerry® that will improve your skin every day that you wear them. We look forward to answer any questions that you have about our brand and what we can to to boost your business.

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