What Makeup She Wore: Emma Watson at the MTV Movie Awards


At this year’s at the MTV Movie Awards, Emma Watson looked very cute – as per usual.  As the ambassadress for Lancôme, Watson was adorned with all Lancôme products, expertly applied by Hollywood makeup artist Roz Music.  The products used:

Teint Idole Ultra 24H in #230 BUFF W ($44.00)

Teint Idole
Teint Idole

Nicki’s Take: This formula can be a little heavy for 20-something skin, but it’s great for use under HD-level cameras and lighting.







Blush Subtil in Soft Pink ($30.00, Lancome.com)

Blush Subtil in Soft Pink

Nicki’s Take:  Whether or not to buy this product depends upon your level of expertise in applying powder blush!  If you are great at it, Blush Subtil is a superb formula, with a long-lasting, well-pigmented, silky formula that lasts several hours.  If you are not so great at applying your blush, the long-lasting, highly-pigmented formula may work against you, leaving telltale streaks of your inexpertise.



Rouge in Love in Lasting Kiss ($25.00, Lancome.com)

Nicki’s Take:  On the one hand, this lipstick is amazing in three ways:  Color, texture, and applicability.  The color, a soft mauve, best complements those with fair to medium skin tones.  It looks amazing with a strong eye, as worn on Emma.  The texture and applicability are also amazing – light but still highly pigmented, and easy to apply straight from the tube.  On the other hand, I’m not personally a fan of how Lancôme lipsticks taste.  I suspect this is because the company sells amazing-tasting Juicy Tubes lip gloss, of which a clear coat can be applied over top for a tasty, glossy effect.

4-Color Design Palette in Mint Jolie ($49.00)

4 color design palette, in Mint Jolie

Nicki’s Take:  This four-color set is pretty fun.  I feel the particular color palette Mint Jolie is best reserved for the young or young at heart, since the seafoam green can seem a little too rock & roll at a business meeting or professional dinner.  The texture also is youthful, with a pearlized, almost sparkly, finish.  At the same time, it is easy to apply and build color, and and the overall effect is young, fun, and crisp for the summer.  A way to complement the bright colors that are so in this summer!


Hypnose Doll Lashes ($26.00, Lancome.com)

Hypnose Doll Lashes

Nicki’s Take:   Whether or not you like this mascara depends on what you’re looking for.  I’ve tried this mascara in the past and was, sorry to say it, disappointed.  The truth of the matter is, I love traditional hair and clothes (think Mad Men), but I crave va-va-voom in my eyelashes and my accessories!  I want the Chanel handbag equivalent of eyelashes:  that is, beautiful, luxurious, and statement-making.  Think maximal length, lift, and volume.  So I was a bit disappointed with Hypnose Doll Lashes, whose major effects seem to be darkening (it’s very black) and shine (it’s quite reflective).  However, if you’re looking for the maximum effect from your eyelashes, Lancôme has other amazing formulas, particularly the Definicils.

Bottom Line

Though someone as cute as Emma Watson looks good in all of these products, our favorite pick for us everyday mortals is the Rouge in Love in Lasting Kiss lipstick, especially layered underneath a tasty lip gloss.  If you’re the modern, trendy type, we also recommend the 4-Color Design Palette in Mint Jolie.  On the other hand, if you also have an expert hand when it comes to blush, we like the Blush Subtil in Soft Pink.

Got a favorite celebrity whose makeup you want us to review for you?  Let us know in comments!

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