What’s Does Dead Sea Salt Do in Deja Vu All Day Moisturizer?

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deja vu all day moisturizer dead see salt

Déjà Vu All Day Moisturizer ($21.93, amazon.com) boasts of the healing and soothing benefits of Dead Sea salt. The cream is thick and cooling, but absorbs quickly. But some of the ingredients may also be irritating.

What Does Dead Sea Salt Do for Your Skin?

Dead sea salt may even be able to help psoriasis!

Well, Dead Sea salt has been found to have a significant positive impact on skin. In a study on skin function using tap water as a control, Dead Sea salt was found to improve barrier function and moisture in both participants with normal transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and slightly elevated TEWL. Participants also saw a reduction in skin roughness and inflammation (International Journal of Dermatology).One of the reasons for these benefits is the mineral magnesium, found in Dead Sea salts. Magnesium, the fourth most prevalent mineral in the body, is the substance found in Epsom salt and can get into the body when applied topically (Office of Dietary Supplements, International Journal of Cosmetic Science). [Read More: Spotlight On Epsom Salt] According to one study, Dead Sea salt may even be beneficial for treating psoriasis. Several studies have found that those will psoriasis may see improvement, even long-term remission, when they undergo Dead Sea salt therapy (FSBSC).

Could Chamomile Extract Irritate Your Skin?

Chamomile can both soothing for some, but for those with aster allergies it can cause a rash.

Chamomile is a beautiful flower and a fairly often-used natural ingredient. For the most part, it’s known for its anti-inflammatory and soothing effects on skin (Skin Therapy Letter, Mosby’s Handbook of Natural & Herbal Supplements). It’s also been shown to help in wound healing. A double blind study found that participants treated with chamomile saw an increase in healing as compared to those in the control group (Longwood Herbal).Unfortunately, for those who are allergic to plants in the aster family, which also includes the common allergen ragweed, it can be an irritating experience. If you’re allergic to this family of plant, you mayuse it for some time before your begin to get a rash and other symptoms of allergy.Fortunately, if you aren’t allergic to the aster family, chamomile can be very soothing in your products.

Is Mineral Oil Comedogenic?

Mineral oil is slightly comedogenic, but isn’t as bad as some people think.

Mineral oil is a derivative of petrolatum that is colorless and odorless. It forms a protective layer on skin, and is used because it does not often cause and allergic reaction. It promotes barrier function and has been shown to help protect water loss in skin better than a solution with 15% linoleic acid (Contact Dermatitis). Though it can be slightly pore-clogging, according to chairman and co-CEO of YG Laboratories Rebecca James Gadberry, on a scale from one to five, with five being the most comedogenic, mineral oils falls at about a one or two (Skin Inc).One of the reasons that mineral oil has a bad reputation is because it forms a layer over the skin and seals in other products. So, if you’re allergic to chamomile, for example, the mineral oil may exacerbate the effects. It can also worsen the effects of pore-clogging ingredients (Cosmetic Dermatology).So while mineral oil can be very beneficial for skin, it’s important not to use it with comedogenic or irritating products.

Personal Use and Opinion

deja vu all day moisturizer dead sea minerals Déjà Vu All Day Moisturizer has a fairly thick consistency for a day cream. But it absorbs pretty quickly when spread in a thin layer, while still leaving skin feeling quite moisturized. It’s light enough to layer something with an SPF overtop, which I would highly recommend. Still, I would have liked to see some sun protection formulated in the product.

deja vu skin testIt does have a strong floral smell that lingers for a while after application, so those who don’t like scented products may want to eschew this one. Overall, the feel was great, my skin felt soft and smooth. Unfortunately, I found the scent was overpowering to me, so I likely wouldn’t make this part of my routine.

Bottom Line

With the above-listed ingredients, along with jojoba oil, aloe vera, and evening primrose, Déjà Vu All Day Moisturizer has ingredients that keep skin moisturized without leaving a greasy feel. Unfortunately, some of those ingredients, such as chamomile, may irritate skin — meaning this product isn’t for everyone. It also doesn’t have a sunscreen in it, and while it’s light enough to layer one overtop, it would have been nice to have a day cream with one built in.






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