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I have never once been able to wrap a towel around my head; it would never stay in place. I would see my mother do it, and I would sit there quite impressed! So I was very happy to discover the Turbie Twist ($14.41) a few years back.

Whether you’re a fan like me, or prefer using a regular towel, there’s a good reason why wet hair should be wrapped and left to dry.

Hair loss is not the major issue…

There is a common misconception that both shampooing and towel drying cause increased hair loss.

The reality is, every day we lose about 100 hairs, a normal occurrence, even in the healthiest person. However, when hair is dry, these hairs find it a little bit difficult to work their way out of the mass of curls and hair (especially long hair).

When you manipulate your hair during shampooing, drying and brushing, you’re just loosening the hairs that are due to fall today. The impression of excessive hair loss during showering and towel drying happens simply because all the manipulation makes it easier for these hairs to find their way out.

So unless shampooing and drying are done exceptionally vigorously, this hair loss is nothing to worry about.

turbie twist design

… What we’re really concerned about is the hair shaft

Hair is weakest when it is wet. Vigorously towel drying hair leads to excessive friction and stretching, which can cause:

  • Ruffling of the hair cuticles, lifting them or removing them completely. This causes frizziness and dullness.
  • Stretching of the hairs to the point of breakage.

For these reasons it is always advised to pat hair dry, rather than rub or twist it using the towel.

turbi twist how to

The material of the Turbie Twist towel really is quite absorbent. Without even having to squeeze excess water out of the hair, the minute you are done with your shower, you can flip your hair forward, position the turbie twist so that all the hair is gathered inside it, twist the towel, pull it back and secure it in the elastic band. Without need to rub your hair or twist it even once, the turbie twist will do all your work for you. By the time you are done with breakfast, the news, or doing your makeup, your hair should be ready for brushing and styling.

Bottom Line

The Turbie Twist can help dry hair in a way that doesn’t do damage to the hair shaft, which is why it’s such a great product. Of course, this product is not in any way a necessity, as many are very happy using their regular towel to wrap hair in, and I know people who chose to make their own Turbie Twist themselves. For me, I never could secure a towel so that it stayed in place, and I’m not particularly crafty! So I’m quite fond of my turbie twist towel. Plus it comes in some cute colors and designs, always a plus.

Thank you for reading!

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  • I have extremely thick hair so this sounds like it would benefit me a lot. Thanks for the review.

  • i love it as well.Nothing is mote confy that a turbie twist. I have been using it for so long, that can not imagine my basth or shower without it:))

  • Jenn

    I have loved my Turbie Twists for 10 years. They work great, stay in place and are very lightweight. I also wear one in the shower when I don’t want to wash my hair instead of a shower cap. Plus they also last forever, what more could you ask for!

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