Will Cellulaze Actually Get Rid of Cellulite?

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We’re less time than you need to hit the gym for perfect legs away from spring clothing weather. In addition to the floral prints you’re bound to wear, you’ll also be pulling out pieces that show a lot more leg than you’ve been sporting for the past several months. That means — at least for some of us — that we’ll be playing the hemline game, where we look for something short enough to embrace the spring weather and be on trend and long enough to hide our cellulite.

The other option is to seek out a solution for the cellulite itself. We’ve talked about cellulite on here plenty — retinol jeans don’t work, VelaShape is a temporary fix — but some of you have asked about Cellulaze, and after reading the claims, I had to know whether it would work.

So here are some facts on Cellulaze

There’s Only One Study about Cellulaze

So far things look promising for Cellulaze, but there’s only been one study.

So far, there’s only been one study on the procedure, and while it got pretty stellar results, it was small (Aesthetic Surgery Journal). The study used 10 female participants ranging in age from about 42 to 52. Researchers used a 1440 nanometer (nm) pulsed laser to target the subdermal layers of tissue to improve skin thickness and elasticity.

Researchers found that the skin thickness and elasticity continued to improve at three months, six months, nine months, and 12 months, and that after a year, the appearance of cellulite on these women had greatly improved.

In addition to photographs, researchers used three-dimensional photography, 3-D analysis, high frequency ultrasound, and skin elasticity measurement to determine how effective Cellulaze was on cellulite.

So while the study was very small, the results were very promising. Still, for $5,000-7000 depending on the area, one would really hope for a procedure that works well (Cellulaze).

Cellulaze is Related to SmartLipo Technology

CynoSure, the company responsible for Cellulaze, is also responsible for SmartLipo. In fact, the 1440 nm laser is technology that’s built off of SmartLipo (News Medical). SmartLipo itself uses lasers of 1064 and 1320 nm to tighten skin and reduce fat (Annals of Plastic Surgery). But the company studied whether adding a 1440 nm laser to form the SmartLipo Triplex.

The researchers found that a 1440 nm laser had the most pronounced histological effects of the three. A 1440 nm laser disrupted a bigger area of fat tissue and it also did a superior job at tightening skin. The researchers said that it was apparent that laser energy and wavelength were important in the outcome for patients.

Here’s Cellulaze Works

cellulite_structureCellulaze is supposed to work by actually altering the structure of cellulite rather than the superficial changes to the skin that many treatments make. So it’s important to understand how cellulite is set up. It has less to do with the amount of fat in your body and more to do with the distribution and placement of that fat (Simple Skin Beauty). That’s why it’s possible to be slender and still have problems with cellulite.

Researchers have been using ultrasounds to try to understand the structure and it appears that cellulite results when skin gets thinned and herniations of (displaced) fat deposits located deep in the skin end up  (going up to the thinned dermis (Cosmetic Surgery Times). In addition tot his there are fibrous vertical septae that attached your muscles to your skin. These become thicker and more fibrous and contract to create dimples in skin.

Cellulaze uses a 1440 nm laser to fix the displaced fat and uneven fat distribution with it’s heat, the thermal subcision (or cutting) can help to even out the vertical septae that cause dimples.

Bottom Line

Cellulaze has a lot of potential as a viable treatment for cellulite. But it’s still quite new, so we don’t know how long the smoothing effects will last. Nonetheless, an early study showed that at least 10 women have had some pretty enviable results, and so far there haven’t been negative affects reported. Overall, more research on Cellulaze will give us more information, but if you’re the kind of person who wants to try the newest thing or has a little extra cash to throw around, you might consider trying Cellulaze out.

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