Your Best Face CORRECT Eye Cream Product Review – A Personal Favorite!

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Sometimes, when I have too many products to review (I only have one face, after all), I will give them to friends and family members to try for me.   Well, since my last review of Your Best Face’s unique Spin Traps technology in April 2008, my mother has been begging me to work for them again.

“That bottle that says CORRECT!”  she says.  “That’s my all-time favorite eye cream!  You have to get it back!”

Well, lo and behold, imagine my mother’s glee when I received a whole package from Your Best Face recently.  But don’t worry – I’m not biased by their generosity in this review, although owners Darrell and Kimberley are two of my favorite skin care entrepreneurs!  Rather, I’m partial to their products’ spectacular assortments of ingredients, newfound technology, clean packaging, and the overall efficacy of their products.

All About Spin Traps

Your cells naturally undergoes a series of processes that generate electrons.  Sometimes these electrons are unpaired and are called free radicals.  Generated more after exposure to harmful triggers like stress, pollution, and UV light, free radicals send a negative charge of potential damage through the cells of your body.  Most antioxidants combat this process by neutralizing free radicals in one way or another, reducing the amount of harm they induce.

However, spin traps (phenyl butyl nitrone) are a relatively new form of antioxidant that have the ability to catch an electron as it spins out of control and return it to its normal orbit. In other words, catching a free radical before it is free to do damage!  Spin trap antioxidants specifically target proinflammatory cytokines, according to the textbook Cosmetic Dermatology, and numerous studies have shown that spin traps have anti-inflammatory and age-reducing effects.  Your Best Face is one of the only skin care lines I know of featuring this ingredient.

Matrixyl 3000®

Your Best Face CORRECT Eye Cream is also replete with another favorite ingredient, Matrixyl 3000®.  At the 2002 World Congress of Dermatology in Paris, Matrixyl 3000®was reported to decrease wrinkle depth by 68% and wrinkle density by 47% with twice-daily use over the course of six months. Matrixyl 3000® demonstrates this firming ability by stimulating fibroblasts to produce collagen and increasing hyaluronic acid production in the skin.  Notable results in clinical studies have been achieved with minimum Matrixyl 3000® concentrations of 2%.  Although Your Best Face does not reveal the concentration of Matrixyl 3000®  in their products, its high placement on the ingredients list suggests it is close, if not there.

Brightens and Firms, Suitable for All Skin Types

Your Best Face CORRECT Eye Cream also contains licorice root, arbutin, and niacinamide (vitamin B5) – all shown to brighten the skin.  After using it under my eyes for four weeks, I definitely noticed a difference, and believe me, I have used (almost) every product under the sun!  The product also glides on well and provides a smooth surface over which makeup can be applied.

Bottom Line: An All-Time Favorite

I know it probably sounds like I’m gushing, but Your Best Face CORRECT Eye Cream is one of my all-time favorite products.  It brightens and firms the undereye skin, and reduces undereye puffiness.  It is also likely to somewhat reduce dark circles that are caused by pigmentation with its lightening ingredients, though not dark circles that are caused by blood pooling under the eyes.  (To tell the difference, gently press the skin under your eyes.  If the dark circle disappears, it is due to blood pooling.  If it remains, it is due to hyperpigmentation).   Bottom line:  A great product, and I’m proud to pass word about this one along to my readers!  Product Rating: 10/10 (High concentration of proven effective ingredients: 3/3.  Unique formulation or new technology: 3/3.  Value for the money: 3/3.  Sunscreen: 0/1, but I gave it a bonus point for overall awesomeness.)

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